What are the Benefits of Using Property Inspection BOSS?

Property Inspection BOSS has been designed to save time and save money. By the time you do the inspection, take your notes (via Dictaphone) and maybe some photos, get back to the office, have the report typed up, printing, posting, emailing, filing ... the list goes on and on ... it takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

Faster Inspections A history of inspections allows previous inspections to be used to make a new one on the same property. Your property managers can take on more clients.

No manual report preparation The documents are generated on site. Now your document preparation people can do some more productive work.

Happy Customers We all want happy customers. Happy customers stay with us and pay on time. Property Inspection BOSS will help you to keep your property owners happy.

Real-Time Reporting Owners love that their reports are timely and they get an immediate response. Your owners can get the reports the day they are done!

No processing backlog Real-Time Reporting means that you get the reports out fast. No backlog. No leaving them until the end of the month. Have less stress in the office

Eliminate timing issues Faster reporting also reduces the risk that the tenant occupies the property before the documentation is completed. Owners love this too.

How you will save?

If you have four property managers you probably pay a full-time assistant around $34,000* per annum to do document preparation.

We can estimate the savings the Property Inspection BOSS will give you over the first year:

4 x Apple iPad with Wifi @ $598 = $2392** OR

4 x Apple iPad Mini with Wifi @ $369 = $1476**.

4 x Premium Property Inspection BOSS licenses @ $525 = $2100.

Now your property managers can do their own "paperwork" and you save!

iPads - $34,000 - $2392 - $2100 = $29508!

iPad Minis - $34,000 - $1472 - $2100 = $30,428!

With their sleek iPads (or iPad Minis) and Property Inspection BOSS your property managers can prepare all the paperwork themselves.

Other savings include: increased productivity of your property managers, less paper, more efficiency, and better utilisation of staff. Plus, the iPad acts as a mini-office on the road! Email, web, contacts - your property managers will love it.

* This example uses Indicative Australian pricing

** If you have iPhone personal hotspot you can use its data connectivity to connect, check your data plan for details

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